DVB-T Transradio

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Preis:15.000,00 € (17.850,00 € inkl. MwSt.)
Verfügbar:1 Stk.
Model:ECO 600 T2
DVB-T2 Audio Sender



Baugleich RFE Transmitter TS Compact oder CTE ECO-600

• Compact 2U 19” Rack chassis or 3U 19” Rack
• Output Power up to 750W rms in digital or up to
1200 W p.s. in analogue
• High efficiency wideband or broadband amplifier
technology both in UHF and VHF bands
PA L, NTSC, NICAM modulations fully supported
• Embedded Re-Multiplexer/Layer Combiner/TS to
BTS (188 to 204 byte) converter for ISDB-Tb
• Adaptive pre-correction circuits
• Powerful echo canceller when TS Compact is used
as an on-channel repeater
• Optional internal demodulator with equalizer for
regenerative transposers
• Equalized Digital On-Channel Repeater (Spectrum
Restorer) configuration available
• On-board high stability GPS / GLONASS receiver
with battery
• Flexible input interfaces:
4 x ASI inputs (TS, BTS, T2MI, SMPTE-310M) +
Analog input
2 x ASI inputs and 2 x Gigabit Ethernet
4 x ETI or 2 x ETI + 2 x EDI inputs
1 x DVB-S/S2 Satellite Receiver input
1 x RF input
• SNMP, Web Interface and Touch Screen display
DAB Transmitter TS Compact

Main Features
TS Compact is an all-in-one transmitter, fully
supporting DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, ISDB-T/Tb, DAB /DAB +/TDMB,
ATSC, PA L and NTSC modulations (dual-cast
Analog and Digital is also supported), able to provide
an output power up to 750W rms or up to 1200W p.s.
TS Compact comes as an ultra compact chassis
available in 2U 19” rack or 3U 19” rack, with adaptive
pre-correction circuits natively offered and built in
GPS / GLONASS receiver for accurate synchronization
and SFN operations.
Different input interfaces can be configured (Satellite
Receiver, ASI, ETI, EDI, Gigabit Ethernet or RF), which
makes TS Compact the perfect flexible platform
to cover the different applications of any Digital
network (terrestrial or satellite fed transmitter,
re-generative repeater, on channel gap-filler,
transposer, etc.).
For the South American ISDB-Tb market,
OneCompact combines Satellite Receiver, Re-
Multiplexer/Layer Combiner/TS to BTS (188 to 204
byte) converter and Transmitter in a single box.